Another Useless Post

Howdy~ guess what? Right now I have three FC (Favorite Character) and both of them have the same seiyuu (dubber)! Oh my! What? I’m a little bit too happy? Of course I am!

Okay, this is Orihara Izaya / Izaya Orihara (折原 臨也)

Art by Inumog (Fujimaru)

Kyaaaah he really is cute! Aaah, or should I say he is handsome? Whatever~

He is a young informant named Orihara Izaya (from Durarara!!). His birthday is on May, 4th. He loves human, except  Heiwajima Shizuo. (Well, I think they’re cute together. Hehe, ShIzaya 8D). He can speak russian fluently and I think he proud to be coward.

Next~ Seijuro Akashi / Akashi Seijuro (赤司 征十郎)

Art by Inumog (Fujimaru)

Okay, he is haaaawt!

His name is Seijuro Akashi (from Kuroko no Basuke). He is Generation of Miracle (Kiseki no Sedai)’s head captain. His height only 173 centimeters. Yet, he is the most respected and feared by all members of Generation of Miracle. His birthday is on Desember, 20th. And for him, Win is everything. Like he said on chapter 113, “Since I always win, I’m always right.”

Last, Natsume Takashi / Takashi Natsume (夏目貴志)

 Art by Pixiv Id 2223530

No comment! *3*

He is Natsume Takashi (from Natsume Yuujinchou). He is the owner of “book of friend”. The ex-owner of “book of friend” is his grandma, Natsume Reiko. He can see Youkai (Spirit) and that’s why he avoided by everyone. Until he adopted by Fujiwaras couple (He is an orphant) and moved to Fujiwaras house. Well, after that he got friends~ (And a seme ;D). His birthday is on July, 1st. And he is sooooooo kind with both people and youkai. 😉

Aaaaand guess! Who’s their seiyuu? ;D
Their seiyuu iiiiis~ KAMIYA HIROSHI. And of course he is my favorite seiyuu. Why? Isn’t that obvious? All my FC dubbed by him.

 Art by Rass


Natsume and Kamiya-san (Art by Pixiv Id 3378234)

 Akashi with Izaya’s high school uniform 

Natsume cosplayed as Izaya (Art by pocky1202)

Akashi with Izaya’s V-neck-shirt (Art by Pixiv Id 3603071)

Akashi cosplayed as Natsume

Kamiya-san cosplayed as Izaya and Natsume (Art by Pixiv Id 3334582)

Kamiya-san and Izaya (Art by Pixiv Id 3378234)

Akashi cosplayed as Natsume (Art by Pixiv Id 1349043)

Akashi and Izaya (Art by Pixiv Id 1039631)

DISCLAIMER: All of this fanart is not mine!




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