My FC~

Umm, well? Do you know the meaning of FC? FC is Favorite Character. Often used by an otaku. For me, An otaku must have FC. I dunno why, but that’s my opinion. Just an opinion

And, today (15-12-11) is OTAKU‘s Day. So, Happy #OtakuDay everybody~ Yesterday was very special too.. 14-12-11!! Kaito KID’s day~ omg xD

Now, i want to tell about my, umm, FC… And you should know. My FC must be SEME! Well, not all my FC, but 3 above must be SEME no matter what! :I


My goood, i don’t know why but I’m totally crazy with this one. Maybe this sounds crazy, but, i like to tell my problem to him! His smile makes me fly to the sky /slapped.

He is Kaito Kid. His real name is Kuroba Kaito. From Magic Kaito and Detective Conan. His rival (+ uke) is Kudo Shinichi. #evilsmirk.

#2 L (Lawliet)

Look! Look! So cute right? Ohohoh. This makes me want to rape him omg ,_,

I can’t describe him. He is so.. so.. MYSTERIOUS! >3< *kiss him*

#3 Uchiha Sasuke

I DON’T CARE if he’s bad nor good. For me, he is gooood boy #punch. What? He’s a traitor? Nope, i don’t really think so. I think he just an ordinary boy with his fragile heart. *hug him*



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