About Me..

kinda bored now.
soo, let me introduce my self
my name is nisrina nurfitri, but everyone often call me fitri, rina or nisrina.
i’m from indonesia, 14th years old. so, i’m sorry if my english are bad..

and, i think you already know from my other post that i’m a detective conan fans.
yup, that’s right. i’m detective conan freaks! hehe,
well, because of detective conan, everyday i get a new friend from the other country. arigato, detective conan. 😀

my fav boys in detective conan are Kudou Shinichi (protagonist in detective conan), Kuroba Kaito (protagonist in Magic Kaito and Additional figures in detective conan), Hattori Heiji (Additional figures in detective conan) and Saguru Hakuba (Additional figures in detective conan and magic kaito).

and, you have to know, i’m a bit surprise when i saw that so many people like me (i mean same as me)! ahaha,,

in my class, I’m hard to get along with all my friends.. i dunno why, for the first time in my life i feel like this. but they’re, were kind with me. we laughed together, but i feel like i’m a stranger in my class.. my friend thought that i’m a calm girl, but that’s not true.. i’m not a calm girl anymore..

and, last, i’m a freaky girl.. (-_-), ahahaha, (-_-v)

i’m the person in the left.. hehe #whatever
just kidding

that’s me, when i fightin’ with my bf #forgetIT
one more time, just kidding..

okay, i’ll tell you, this is me.. >.<

ahahaha, for the third TIME, JUST KIDDING, PEACE


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