Detective conan trivia

I got this from my friend in DetectiveConan.WS in facebook.. but he/she told where were she got this

1. The name “Edogawa Conan” came from the names of two very famous mystery novelists: Edogawa Ranpo and Author Conan Doyle.

2. Shinichi and Ran’s high school, “Teitan,” is actually the Japanese word for detective, “Tantei,” written backwards.

3. The city that Conan lives in is called “Beika,” which has the same pronunciation as “Baker” in Japanese, and Baker Street was where Sherlock Holmes lived.

4. The name “Agasa” was derived from the name of Agatha Christie.

5. There is a Conan Bridge in the town where author Gosho Aoyama was born, and still lives in.

6. Detective Conan manga reached it’s 500th chapter in 2004 Shonen Sunday 50-51, released November 10, 2004.

7. Kogoro’s name is inspired by Kogoro Akechi, a Japanese detective in the stories of Ranpo Edogawa.

8. Volume 1, File 1: When Conan comes up with his name, behind him on the bookshelf laying on its side to the right of him is one of Gosho Aoyama’s other manga creations, Magic Kaito. (See the encyclopedia entry for it.)

9. English Viz Version, Volume 1, File 1: There’s an error in the text. As Jimmy begins to leave to go after the two men dressed in black, Rachel says “Shin–” but in the bubble afterwards says “Jimmy…”. Rachel was about to say “Shin’ichi” which is Jimmy’s original Japanese name.

10. Ran Mouri’s name comes from the writer’s name of the Arsene Lupin stories, Maurice LeBlanc. In Japanese the author’s name is spelt “Mou-ri-su Ru-bu-ran.”

11. The English version of the manga has changed the codenames of the men in black from Gin and Vodka to Melkior and Kaspar. The new names are not any type of drink but they are a variation of the spellings of the accepted names of the wise men who visited baby Jesus in the Bible. (Other spellings for the names include “Gaspar” “Caspar” and “Melchior”.) –> i don’t know about this. ^^”

12. Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2 makes a guest appearance in Volume 4. When Conan and the Detective Boys are looking up information in a bookstore, the Detective Boys are looking at Shounen Sunday which has an image of Ranma on the cover.

13. The members of the black organization are codenamed after alcoholic drink names such as Gin, Vodka, Sherry and Vermouth.

14. In Case Closed Volume 2 File 7: A Devilish Woman, it is revealed that Akemi Miyano is the older sister of Shiho Miyano. However in the anime, it is unknown at the moment ,if they are related.

15. Shinchi Kudo’s name means “One Truth in this Painful world”. Shin=TRUTH, Ichi=ONE, Kudo=In this Painful world.



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