Similarity between Shinichi Kudo and Kaito Kuroba

guys, look at this..Shinichi Kudo and Kaito Kuroba:
1. Both are protagonist.
2. Both looked so identical, except for the hairstyles.
3. Share the same seiyu: Kappei Yamaguchi.
4. Both had old man as their partners (or rather assistance) which in some kind of way are similar: Shinichi Kudo – Hiroshi Agasa. Kaito Kuroba – Konosuke Jii.
5. Both have love interests with their childhood friends, Shinichi Kudo – Ran Mouri. Kaito Kuroba – Aoko Nakamori.
6. Both their fathers are famous: Yusaku Kudo as a famous mysery novelist, while Toichi Kuroba is a famous gentlemen thief (or rather, a famous magician).
7. Both Shinichi and Kaito are similar to their father: Toichi used to be a unbeatable oppenent for Yusaku… and now for the second generation: Kaito is an unbeatable oppenent for Shinichi.
8. Both are rather popular in their school: Kaito with his magic, and Shinichi as a famous high school detective and footballer.
9. Both had an ‘organization’ to deal with: Kaito and Snake, and Shinichi and the Black Organization.
10. Both have secret indentities. Shinichi Kudo -> (secret [same person]) Conan Edogawa. Kaito Kuroba -> (secret [same person]) Kaitou Kid.
11. Both are targeted.
12. Both are famous.
13. Both are clever, and both of them are very sly.
14. Both are rather popular with girls.
15. Each have a well known unskilled-something: Shinichi – deaf tone… Kaito – very sucks at skating.
16. both can shoot anything when they panic and at the crucial moment.

they’re really alike right? my god, i love them.. >.< 😄

hope you didn’t see anything 


info from DCW

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