Kaitou Kid Appearances

this is i took from my friend, Lisa Martin – chan,


Total number of appearances: 40

File 156: Chance Meeting
File 157: Annihilation
File 158: Presence
File 159: Finale
File 192: Run Away
File 193: Within the Snow
File 194: Suspect Behaviors
File 195: Search
File 196: From the Sky
File 299: Meeting
File 300: Tragedy
File 301: Murder
File 302: Sting
File 453: Miracle
File 454: Shock
File 455: Panic
File 456: Escape
File 475: Seal
File 476: Trick
File 477: Sacred Treasure
File 478: Immortal
File 544: Guren
File 545: Konjiki
File 546: Seiran
File 547: Junbaku
File 573: Setting Sun
File 631: Purple Nail
File 632: Instant Movement
File 633: Three Taboos
File 634: Zero
File 674: Iron Tanuki
File 675: Hiding
File 676: Unlocking
File 712: Seiryu
File 713: Suzaku
File 714: Byakko
File 715: Genbu
File 731: Ryoma
File 732: Breakthrough
File 733: Clean Up


~Magic Kaito

01. Rebirth of Kaitou Kid

~Detective Conan

Total number of appearances: 18

Episode 76: Conan vs. Kaitou Kid (1 Hour Special)
Episode 132: Magic Lover’s Murder Case (The Murder)
Episode 133: Magic Lover’s Murder Case (The Suspicion)
Episode 134: Magic Lover’s Murder Case (The Resolution)
Episode 219: Gathered Detectives! Shinichi vs. Kaito Kid (2 Hour Special)
Episode 356: Kaito Kid’s Miracle Midair Walk (1 Hour Special)
Episode 394: Big Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion (The Seal)
Episode 395: Big Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion (The Mechanism)
Episode 396: Big Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion (The Resolution)
Episode 469: Kaito Kid and the 4 Masterpieces (Part 1)
Episode 470: Kaito Kid and the 4 Masterpieces (Part 2)
Episode 473: Shinichi Kudō’s Childhood Adventure (Part 2)
Episode 515: Kaitou Kid’s Teleportation Magic (1 Hour Special)
Episode 537: Kaitou Kid vs the Strongest Vault (Part 1)
Episode 538: Kaitou Kid vs the Strongest Vault (Part 2)
Episode 585: The Love of Sakura that Exceeds the Time
Episode 586: The Kirin’s Horn that Disappeared Into the Darkness
Episode 587: Kid vs. the Four Spirits of the Detective Boys


Total number of appearances: 4

Movie 3: The Last Wizard of the Century
Movie 8: Magician of the Silver Sky
Movie 10: The Private Eyes’ Requiem
Movie 14: The Lost Ship in the Sky


Total number of appearances: 5

OVA 1: Conan vs Kid vs Yaiba – The Decisive Battle Over the Treasured Sword!
OVA 4: Conan and Kid and the Crystal Mother
OVA 6: Pursuit of the Vanished Diamond! Conan, Heiji vs Kid
OVA 10: Kid in Trap Island
Detective Conan Movie 8 Pre-Release Special


Total number of appearances: 1

Drama (2006): A Challenge Letter to Shinichi Kudo: Prologue Until Goodbye (cameo)


Total number of appearances: 10

Opening 5: TRUTH ~A Great Detective of Love~
Opening 6: GIRIGIRI chop
Opening 18: 100 mono tobira
Opening 23: Ichibyougoto ni Love for you
Opening 24: Mysterious
Opening 25: Revive
Opening 26: Everlasting Luv
Opening 27: MAGIC
Opening 28: As the Dew
Opening 29: Summer Time Gone
Opening 30: Tear Drops

enjoy,, thanks to detectiveconan.ws group in facebook and thank to lisa martin too.. 🙂

i think she took all of this from detectiveconanworld.com


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