Detective conan >.<

hehe,, i have so much friend in this group.. this is a few of my friends. 😄

  1. Ran Harmione Mouri: she is from indonesia.. same as me. she was older than me but, she is really kind.. 😀
  2. Ichi Shinichi Kudo: she is from indonesia too.. she was older one year than me. i like to discuss anything about conan with her.
  3. Atieyn Gurlz: she is malaysian people. and the group maker.  we don’t know each other, but i like ask her about conan.. 😀
  4. Alin Kimiwara: malaysian people but she is really funny, both me, atieyn, and alin crazy with lemon. ahahaha
  5. Kaito Kuroba: well,, i think he is from US, he always answer my question.. and he is really friendly.
  6. Are-mean ryuu: he/she was really kind. hmm,,

so, join us.. it’s fun to having friend from other country.. but, don’t forget to always becareful


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