Kid The Phantom Thief

kid the phantom thief, or you can say it Kaito Kid is a fictional character created by Gosho Aoyama. kaito kid real name is kaito kuroba. Kaito Kuroba’s father, Toichi Kuroba, was the first Phantom Thief 1412, a world-renowned thief who steals treasure and jewels. He was referred to as Phantom Thief Kid, when a journalist hastily scrawled “1412” and Booker Kudo read it as “KID.”[1]. After finding out the cause of his father’s death, Kaito takes on the role as Phantom Thief Kid in order to find the Pandora Jewel and stop the organization from obtaining it. The only clue to finding it, is that it is a Jewel that turns red when shone in the full moon’s moonlight, revealing a smaller gem inside of the larger one. During a certain comet, it will shed a tear, and if that tear is drank, it shall grant immortality. In an arc featuring Kaito in Detective Conan, it is mentioned that Kaito’s Mother may have been a former thief known as Phantom Lady.[2]

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KID is a master of disguise and can imitate practically any voice without the aid of a special device. He is also known for his acrobatic and daredevil-like antics. His costumes and disguises are top notch as well.

KID is much more than meets the eyes.
Enjoy every bit of his mystery!


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